Project Development

We merge planning, strategy, and technical expertise into a unified discipline to help develop assets and infrastructure.

Many infrastructure projects are complex in nature and require strong technical expertise from the beginning to be successful. Our technical-centric development model perfectly complements complex projects where design needs to drive the development process.

Our Approach

The key to project development is putting the puzzle pieces in the correct place. The more technologically complex a project is, the more challenging it is to fit the pieces together. By taking a technical-centric approach, design is the cornerstone the project is developed around. Enable us to specialize in projects in the aquaculture, indoor farming, and renewables spaces where we can leverage our in-house expertise, network, and superior technical knowledge to drive project to successful completion.

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What We Do

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We offer clients a single point of contact for their entire project. With our partners, we provide a full range of services to help our clients develop assets and infrustructure projects.

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  • • Fish Farming
  • • Shrimp Farming
  • • Cultivation
  • • Recirculating Systems
  • • Multi-Trophic Integrations

Indoor Farming

  • • Hydroponics
  • • Aquaponics
  • • Urban Farming
  • • Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • • Smart Farming Solutions


  • • Solar
  • • Wind
  • • Hydropower
  • • Geothermal
  • • Waste-to-Energy

Featured Project: Siduri Hops

Craft breweries emphasize flavor and quality. This means craft brewers demand the finest ingredients. To supply the best hops, Siduri Hops partners with JEG to develop the first of its kind indoor farm to grow hops year-round in perfect conditions.